Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Doceri Interactive Whiteboard

While browsing a website that talked about what the top apps educators should be using in their classroom, I came across an interesting interactive whiteboard app called Doceri. This app--described by iTunes--is centered around having all presentation and desktop control at the users fingertips. Doceri presents an opportunity for the teacher to not be bound to a computer while teaching a lesson. Rather, having all access to the tools needed, the Doceri app gives the teacher the ability to screen cast their presentations onto there iPad.

The benefit that this can create within the classroom is that the teacher is no longer stuck next to there computer or smart board, and can rather mingle with students throughout the classroom. Not only does Doceri work great with Keynote and Powerpoint, it can even be set up to control the AV system in a classroom. This means that with a touch of a button, the teacher can control the volume of a video being presented without having to run to the front of the classroom to mess with the speakers.

This interactive app is a great way to keep the flow of the classroom going. Minimizing interruptions due to technology error is a task that is not always easy to combat. Through the use of Doceri though, teachers have the ability to control aspects of their instruction essentially from anywhere in their classroom. Aside from the technological accessibility that it would provide, it also aids in the management of the classroom as well, benefitting both teacher and student.

Here is a website that offers additional great apps for the classroom: teachthought
iTunes description of this app: Doceri Interactive Whiteboard

Photo used with permission: flickingerbrad-Flickr

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