Saturday, November 12, 2016

Expanding My Network (PLN-Part I)

Below are a few of the ways that I have decided to expand my Personal Learning Network or (PLN). I will be dividing these posts into three parts for sake of keeping interest. 

1. Connected with an educational source on Twitter:
Using the hashtag #3rdchat I was able to locate all of the tweets that included this hashtag. I then began looking at the various different topics that were being discussed by different Twitter users and looked for one that stood out to me. Donna Boucher is a K-5 math interventionist whose content really caught my attention. By following her I hope to gain some innovative ways to incorporate math into my classroom. She also shares many links to different resources and activities that I have retweeted and favorited so that I can hopefully include into my lessons down the road.

2. Created a "Teaching" board on Pinterest:
After creating a board on my Pinterest dedicated to teaching, I began searching a few topics in education that interested me. Some of those searches were ‘third grade classrooms’ and ‘technology in the classroom.’ I also utilized the education tab that is provided by Pinterest. Through these searches I found various fun activities and ideas that I am hoping to refer to in my future classroom. In the future as well, I would consider possibly specifying this board even more, into categories by subject, just so that it is easier to find pins. I am an avid Pinterest user, so this interaction surely furthered my network of use on this site.
Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 4.31.45 PM.png

3. Interacted through Symbaloo:
Through various projects assigned throughout my Edtech and Design class, I had the ability to interact with Symbaloo. This bookmarking formatted website gave me the option to view various examples of ideas that I could incorporate into my WebQuest and digital video project. When assigned to further expand my own personal network, I decided to search for a Symbaloo based around literacy, my minor. To my surprise an easy google search took me to a great gallery that included numerous resources based around literacy. I plan to keep track of this link to utilize in my future classroom.

4. Participated on #IAedchat:
I was prompted to get engaged with the IA edchat through an announcement posted on eLearning by Dr. Zeitz, my Edtech and Design professor. I was very hesitant at first because I was not sure how involved I would have to be while participating in the chat. Once I was on the chat, I was surprised with how fast people were sending in tweets using the #iaedchat. It was easy to follow the prompts as to 'introduce myself' and as to when the moderator would begin asking questions. To my surprise there were so many interesting ideas being shared on the topic of the night--“parent-teacher conferences.”  It was very cool to see the connections people have made using this outlet and the outpour of sharing from everyone. Overall, this experience was something very new to me and an event that I hope to tune into in the future as well.
Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 8.05.53 PM.png

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