Saturday, November 12, 2016

Expanding My Network (PLN-Part II)

Below are additional ways I have expanded my PLN! View "Expanding My Network- Part I" for my expansions of network #1-4.

5. Followed a educator on Instagram:
Having already used Instagram on a regular basis, I thought a good way to expand this resource would be to follow some inspirational and informative education/teaching accounts on Instagram. To access a few accounts that I could follow I searched “education” and then clicked on the tags option. After browsing through a couple people’s pages I came across one with the username ‘Teachers Follow Teachers.” This page is dedicated to helping educators collaborate and share innovative ideas. I have already found myself liking many of her posts and look forward to seeing what she posts in the future. I hope to readily use this account in my near future to gain new ideas and maybe even share some of my ideas on this page.

6. Followed (liked) an author on Facebook:
I have used Facebook for a long time to interact with friends and family but have recently decided to amp my usage up a bit and utilize it as a platform to build connections with significant individuals that I hope to be able to reference in my future career path. Jacqueline Woodson is an example of an individual who I felt would be a great person to follow on facebook. She is an author of numerous award winning multicultural books that I enjoyed throughout my childhood and into my studies as a literacy minor. I have found myself watching the videos she posted and have also visited many of the links she has posted too. I hope to be able to stay connected and up-to-date with what Jacqueline Woodson is involved with and use it as a resource in my future classroom.

7. Followed an education blogger:
In my past I have not taken part in looking at blogs of any sort. I felt though, that this was the perfect opportunity to look into some bloggers and see what is being talked about currently in educational technology. Through a website I found on google, I was able to access a blog titled: eLearnSpace which is dedicated to talking about talking about technology that can enhance knowledge. I have read through a few of their latest posts and am looking forward to reading future ones as well. It is my hope to utilize some of the great ideas established and incorporate them in my direction in my classroom some day.

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