Saturday, November 12, 2016

Expanding My Network (PLN-Part III)

Below are my the final few ways I decided to expand my Personal Learning Network. To learn about the other ways I expanded my network please visit my additional posts titled "Expanding My Network"--Parts I&II.

8. Watched a Lynda tutorial:
Time Management Tutorial
This was by far the most interesting experience I took part it. I have often used YouTube as a site to watch tutorials, but Lynda by far provides a very professional and in-depth option for tutorials. I searched for a tutorial to watch under the category of teaching. I came across a video that talked about time management and thought that I could benefit from spending some time watching this tutorial. As a busy college student, I easily become overwhelmed by the tasks I need to complete. I know for a fact that I will be utilizing this site throughout the rest of my education and into my career as a teacher to help me figure out how to use different things that I haven’t used before. These tutorials are clearly produced and very thought out. I’m very glad I looked into watching a video on this website.

9. Participated in a Zoom meeting:
Through the assignment of the Webquest, myself and my group members had the opportunity to engage in a Zoom meeting with Dr. Zeitz’s. This was a completely new experience for me and is something I could see myself using in the future. Zoom provides a great way in connect with group members and professors without actually having to be with them in person. It makes communication much more accessible. In my future classroom, Zoom could be a great tool that I could use to possibly connect with teachers in different states or countries. This would help my students create connections with other students in different areas while also utilizing technology in the classroom.

10. Participated in an online educational forum:
Link to forum
Due to my involvement in Kappa Delta Pi, the education honor society here at UNI, I have the opportunity to access an online forum hosted by Kappa Delta Pi International. This forum is a way for different educators and those involved in KDP to participate in discussions involving education. This forum is held once a week and is sent out through an email. Each week there is a question that the forum is revolved around. People then are able to send in responses to these questions and interact in a conversation with others. This experience was very new to me and upon becoming involved with KDP I was not aware I would have access to this. I hope to continue to utilize this forum to gain insight and ideas from others.

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