Saturday, November 12, 2016

Gamify It!

From the title of this blog you may have wondered if the word 'Gamify' was even a word. In fact though, it is. It is derived from a larger word--gamification--meaning to enhance a non-game context with some type of game design or mechanic. Within the 21st century it has become apparent that the generation of individuals currently in school is extremely involved and interested in technology. This involvement has created a shift in what types of activities grab the attention of students.

To try and combat the issue of keeping students actively engaged in the classroom, gamification has become of high interest to many educators. There are a variety of different ways one could bring these gaming aspects into the classroom, but below are a few ways it has effectively been incorporated.

1. A rewards system where students earn badges or points for showcasing examples of good behavior or completion of assignments. Khan Academy is an example of a website that rewards students with points for completing activities.

2. More simply allow students to work on skills in language arts or math by utilizing game-oriented websites like Razkids or MathIXL.

3. The use of competition based activities is also another way to enhance a classrooms learning environment and further engage students in the subject matter. Energy levels are increased and naturally, students become more interested in getting involved.

Meaningfully incorporating gaming aspects into the everyday classroom is another way technology is readily fostering the education of 21st century learners.

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A great source that talks about gamification in the classroom:

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