Sunday, November 13, 2016

Reflection of PLN-(Map)

From the beginning of the semester to present I feel that I have experienced quiet a bit of growth in regards to the expansion of my Personal Learning Network. When first asked to map out the resources and networks that I utilized in my personal and educational life, I was surprised at all of the sources that I readily used on a day to day basis. Previously, I had not thought about the number of connections and sources that I accessed.

This project challenged me to find other ways to connect and expand. The connection part seemed to be an easier task for me to combat. I realized that it is essential to reach out and listen to individuals who are already in the field. Building these resources now will help in aiding my professional career not only in the future but the present as well.

The expansion part of this project seemed to be a bit more challenging. I felt comfortable using sites like Pinterest and Twitter but from there I was lacking. Through help from Dr. Zeitz's and other classmates I found it quiet easy to expand and participate in networking that I had not formally taken part in. For example, I was able to interact on IA edchat, Symbaloo, and the Kappa Delta Pi online forum.

Overall, as you will see documented in the pictures below I feel that I experienced some great growth in expanding my network. It is my hope to continue to explore all of the varying ways to expand my network throughout the rest of my schooling as well as into my professional career as a teacher. The interactions that I took part in through this project, I feel, built an even stronger foundation for me to build off of in my future.

Initial PLN concept map:

Revised PLN concept map:

I decided to go with a different format for my revised concept map. The circle encompassing the topic of my PLN I feel represents how all of the networks that I utilize work together to make up the resources and connections I engage in. All of these resources create the foundation that feeds who I network with now and the relationships that I will continue to build in the future.

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